ADDRESS: Via Montello,1/c  
CITY: Covolo di Pederobba
COUNTRY: Treviso

Built in 1671, the villa excellently represents the owner’s taste of a cultured architecture, even though the buildings have an absolutely humble use and destination.

It is located inside a 18 hectare agricultural area and is the very heart of the estate. The villa was bought by Bellati family from Feltre (aristocratic people who were members of ‘Magnifico Maggior Consiglio’ of Feltre) and later came other different owners who, during times, miraculously preserved its ancient settings and structures.

The villa and its rooms are enriched by decorative beams, frescoes and golden stuccoworks in typical Venetian style.

Rooms and halls are on two floors and each room has a different dimension with a consequent different possibility to welcome guests. The villa can give hospitality to 100 persons, 100 persons in the gazebo and other 30 persons in the classic barchessa.

To guest’s disposal there al also different little rooms, all characterized by an extreme elegance and tranquillity.

A real jewel of the villa are its numerous frames which are set inside all rooms. It is curious to know that in the past times each frame gave hospitality to various operas. The paintings were set on the frame and their exterior parts became part of the frame’s relief and inlaid work.

Considering the huge quantity of frames, set in all the villa’s rooms, it is easy to imagine the richness of Bellati family who chose this villa as their residence.

The big garden, the olive grove and the vineyard surround the marvellous building, giving it an atmosphere of quiet and tranquillity, and are at guest’s disposal during all seasons.

Weddings, private parties, conferences, feasts, business meetings and other events are the moments when Villa Bellati welcomes and, thanks to an accurate and careful catering service, satisfies its guests’ senses.

Together with Winery Ca’ Bressa and Villa Calvi, it is Gruppo Amistani’s third jewel and it gives them the possibility to express at best their philosophy of hospitality.