ADDRESS: Via Mazzolini, 9
CITY: Valdobbiadene
COUNTRY: Treviso
PHONE: +39 335 624 3720
FAX: +39 0423 603 722

In the historical centre and heart of Valdobbiadene – famous all over the world for its wines – there wasn’t a winery.

I had the idea to give visitors the possibility to observe the wine making process, combining cultural divulgation and tourist welcome and so I started the restoration of Palazzo Guarda,  a marvellous building overlooking the central Piazza Marconi.

The palace was built at the end of 19th century and has a very nice inner garden, big stairs and wide rooms.

The project consists in enlarging the existent cellar which is situated on the basement (a nice local with a double cross vault, supported by columns decorated with Longobardic style bas-reliefs) and in restoring six wide suites, furnished according the palace style.

The chance to visit the wine producing area, the structures dedicated to the divulgation of the culture, the wine and food patrimony of the territory and than the possibility for the visitor to stop and relax in the suites, restored and usable just for him.

The concept to let buildings being usable and enjoyable is still valid and alive. It embodies Gruppo Amistani’s efforts in preserving in each building, villa or palace its own atmosphere and philosophy.

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