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The new CAPOLAVORO range at VINITALY 2009
In sight of next Vinitaly. maximum national and international wine fair (that will be held from April 2 to 6), the estate Agricola Avlvise Amistani is pleased to announce its usual share and to invite all of you to a visit of the proper stand (Pavillion 7 bs - stand 16) for a driven tasting of the products of the new CAPOLAVORO® range.

A line of wines born by the exclusive use of autochtonous vines of the zone 'Pedemontana of the Grappa', authentic expressions of the Trevisan area, which a serious have been placed side by side and of products (from oven, cheese and bagged) coming from the ancient productive figures, rediscovered valorized.

Territory, culture, popularization, but also a space of learning.

This the conceived context and servant inside the circuit doing head to Amistani Group, in which besides the direct tasting of typical products of the area there is the possibility to visit three Venetian villas (one of teme declared National Monument) and two historical buildings of end 19th century over whether to lodge in a splendid Relais surrounded by a sweater field.



An anti-crisis Vinitaly
We’re very pleased to inform you about the attention and the great appreciation received from the products of CAPOLAVORO range to the Vinitaly just concluded.
The project from which they born and their elevated qualitative level have gotten the appreciation of visitors (restaurants, wine bars, passioned and importers) and contributed to subsequently consolidate the interest toward the oenogastronomic pathway.
We remember you to fill in the form of our mailing list so that to be able to be informed at the right moment of every novelty, event, tasting or else we’ll organize.
It will be our great pleasure to make we really love to do: to welcome the visitor with the ‘culture of the beauty’ and the poetry of the territory.


Festival delle Città d’Impresa
Sunday, April 5th, has been conferred to Alvise Amistani the prize 'Innovation in tradition', prestigious recognition assigned to ten Trevisan estates, countersigned for the innovation and the creativeness brought in their own projects, that have known how to scrutinize the future and to anticipate it, choosing to invest in experimentation and technology, valorizing the really product and aiming on the culture and on the guardianship of the offered resources form their territory.

Gave the prizes the president of the Group Geox - Mario Moretti Polegato - to the presence of institutions and personality of the world of the politics, of the culture and of the enterprise.

This the motivation of the prize to the president of the Amistani Group:

'Trips, crossed, itineraries and suggestions in art, wine, food and territory. Of this Alvise Amistani occupies him, guide of the Group Amistani – with headquarters in Montebelluna - with innovative formula, that others try to reproduce, but without any result.

Because to win the crisis is not enough a simple formula, it take passion, respect for his own history, admiration for the job developed from who has come before and courage to continue it. From these presuppositions the project is called 'CAPOLAVORO', from the French ‘Chef d’Oeuvre’. A line of wines and foods born by the use of grapes and products cultivated and belonged to the narrow zone Pedemontana of the Colli Asolani and of Valdobbiadene area.

True motive for boast of Amistani Group, that makes some guardianship of the culture of the territory his core business.’

As the French people would say: Chapeau, Monsieur Amistani.


Déjeuner sur l'herbe