CAPOLAVORO® project’s philosophy (a French word, “chef-d’oeuvre”, that means masterpiece) is based on the extreme respect of tradition, on what tradition joyously brought to us and on the will of the repossession of the peculiarity, of the emotions, of the values and the savours of the passed times.

These values are now overwhelmed by modernity and by some mistakes involved in it. First of all: people’s loss of identity, loss of fundamental values connected with quality everyone’s life.

Deterioration, abandonment, negligence, approximation. People involved in CAPOLAVORO® project shun all these and some other similar concepts. They are really and deeply very far from their mission.

Recovery, exploitation, belonging to territory and to history, identity, memory, on the contrary, they are concepts that represent the base of this nice adventure.

History is meant like the heritage of an agricultural, architectonic and cultural patrimony. CAPOLAVORO® project and the enogastronomic circuit are based on it

CAPOLAVORO® wines and food specialities are made with fruits and rough materials cultivated in the delimited area called Pedemontana dei Colli Asolani e del Valdobbiadenese (piedmont area of Asolani hills and of Valdobbiadene area).

The natural consequence is that we started to exploit the territory. Nowadaysthis concept is used sometimes in the wrong way, especially from people who wants to make it a sole (and terrible) weapon to make money and profit.

In our opinion, the origin of each project for territory exploitation must be connected with the comprehension and observation the territory itself and of what it happened in it. There must be the analysis of the situations, joyous or unhappy, occurred in this land, of the history in its completeness.

From this point of view the territory has many things to offer. It presents lots of peculiarities for people to discover, many hidden and unknown places that can arouse enthusiasm in the visitors and  - why not? -  it can literally “make them dream”. A really unique emotional vehicle and, above all, an unrepeatable and univocal experience, like its unique products coming from its own soil.

Our concept of exploitation embodies a more wide and various action: the repossession of tradition, the conjugation of this one with modernity and with the variations brought by the time and, during the years, the rediscovery of indigenous populations’ values. We want to propose these values to the public in their original status, without joining frills or facets. Our philosophy consists in the serene acceptance of the eventual geographical or cultural limits of the territory.

This is what we want to do when we offer a visit to our locations, our hospitality, our know-how and our products.

We create emotions and we like to rise dreams in our visitors: the most important dream in everyone’s life and the experience of an unforgettable emotion.