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The way we grow up our vines is the same of our ancestors. Sometimes, out of necessity, it was based on the deep knowledge of what mother nature put at their disposal, of the patrimony which represented the invaluable treasure they wanted to leave to the following generations, to their sons.

The exclusive use of autochthon vine qualities historically present in this piedmont area is spontaneous to us.

The concept of autochthony can be explained with concepts: tradition, respect of the past, the continuation of the ancient techniques, the exploitation and the reconduction of the territory, memory’s renewal.

According to this philosophy CAPOLAVORO® products’ line is made up of white grape varieties such as Bianchetta Trevigiana, Perera, Prosecco Tondo, Boschera, and red grape varieties like Carmenère, Malbech, Raboso and Recantina.

The dictates we follow during the vinification and the maturation of CAPOLAVORO® products are the same rules and techniques that our ancestors used in the cellars and in the vineyards. It is a natural project continuation. The ancient vinification methods, like frequent decanting and accurate, respectful and delicate filtrations of the wine, are the expression of this continuation in tradition.

The methods and techniques of modern oenology are used just for the bare necessities. There is not the banal refusal of them but if we use these “bare necessities” in an accurate way, we can manage following our oenological target: high quality products.