I vini fermi I prosecchi
I vini biologici Le grappe
L'olio biologico I prodotti da forno
I formaggi della pedemontana I salumi della Pedemontana


When I proposed CAPOLAVORO® products to my customers-friends, we had immediately the necessity to share together some emotions, memories, perfumes and  images of the last 50 years, the time I spent in wine’s world.

From this common need I started the research to regain concretely possession of ancient Prosecco’s aromas, when Bianchetta, Garganega and Perera (vine qualities) were integral part of Prosecco Tondo’s blend. Aromas, fruitiness, a well definite and strong character will make Prosecco, and all its derivatives, recognizable again.

It was the same for Rosso Autoctono (autochthon red wine). I selected the ancient grape varieties like Carmenère,  Malbech and Raboso (the last one very well ripened on the vine). The result was a wine which is, without using barrel maturation, the tumultuous expression of the original fruit and of the territory itself. The wine broached directly by the barrel inside the “caneva” (cellar in Venetian dialect) and its perfumes were both surely our inspiring Muse.

Actually memory’s savours and reality’s colours are the real proposal of my memory, of the pleasure in remembering, in order to fix some cardinal points in our story and in the history of Treviso’s Wine.


                                                                                                                                                    Alvise Amistani di Guarda